The Hills

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presented by Amazon Music & The Hills Foundation – powered by Nike Canada

With support from Amazon Music, Nike Canada, Severe Nature and Universal Music Canada, Nonso has organized this event with the purpose of bringing the community together and building a fellowship while raising funds*. The funds raised will be put towards education based initiatives in Lagos, Nigeria being supported by Nonso’s “The Hills Foundation”. The run will take place on August 31st at 9AM. Afterwards, all participants will be invited to rehydrate and enjoy Nigerian food at a gifting lounge with music played by Minzi Roberta of Kuruza.

Believing strongly in access to education as well as access to recreation and healthy living, Nonso Amadi recognizes he has been blessed to have the support of others along the marathon of his own life.

Nonso has established “The Hills Foundation” with the express intent to pay those blessings forward and positively impact communities across the world. This foundation is a manifestation of Nonso’s inherent desire to uplift others. His first initiatives revolve around supporting primary school students in Nigeria with school fees and uniform costs in efforts to support their growth and educational development.

*Generously supported by Amazon Music – funds will be donated by Amazon Music Canada on behalf of each person taking part in the run.